Yvonne Jansen - Co-authors


Jason Alexander
Lecturer at Lancaster University, UK
Nazareno Andrade
Professor at Universidade Federal de Campina Grande, Brazil
Jan Borchers
Professor at RWTH Aachen University
Sebastian Boring
Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen.
Sheelagh Carpendale
Professor at the University of Calgary.
Fanny Chevalier
Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto
Pierre Dragicevic
Research Scientist at Inria.
Jean-Daniel Fekete
Research Director at Inria.
Pauline Gourlet
Innovation and Design Lead at the United Nations DPPA
John Hardy
Director, H&E Inventions
Uta Hinrichs
Lecturer at University of St Andrews
Trevor Hogan
Lecturer at Cork Institute of Technology
Jim Hollan
Professor at UCSD.
Kasper Hornbæk
Professor at University of Copenhagen.
Eva Hornecker
Professor at the Bauhaus-Universität Weimar
Samuel Huron
Post-Doc at the University of Calgary.
Petra Isenberg
Research Scientist at Inria.
Mikkel Rønne Jakobsen
Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen.
Roger Jennings
Chief Electrical Engineer with the Distributed Health team at UCSD.
Abhijit Karnik
Lecturer at Lancaster University.
Thorsten Karrer
Post-Doc at RWTH Aachen University
Matthew Kay
Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan
Johan Kildal
Principal Researcher at Nokia.
Ramsin Khoshabeh
Eric Lee
Software Engineer at Apple Inc.
Luiz Morais
Postdoc at Inria, France
Bettina Nissen
Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh
Lora Oehlberg
Post-Doc at Inria.
Abhraneel Sarma
PhD student at Northwestern University
Shi Conglei
Post-Doc at IBM.
Sriram Subramanian
Professor at University of Bristol.
Sai Ganesh Swaminathan
Master Student at TU Berlin.
Faisal Taher
Research Associate at Lancaster University.
Julie Wagner
Post-Doc at LMU Munich
Christian Weichel
PhD Student at Lancaster University.
Malte Weiss
Senior Software Engineer for Capgemini Deutschland GmbH
Wesley Willett
Assistant Professor at University of Calgary
Marius Wolf
Digital Marketing Lead at Bayer CropScience
Jonathan Woodruff
PhD student at Lancaster University