Yvonne Jansen - Projects

Models & Concepts

Embedded Data Representations

(Willett et al., 2017)

Opportunities and Challenges for Data Physicalization

(Jansen et al., 2015)

An Interaction Model for Visualizations Beyond The Desktop

(Jansen and Dragicevic, 2013)

Data Physicalization: Physical Data Representations

A Psychophysical Investigation of Size as a Physical Variable

(Jansen and Hornbæk, 2015)

Investigating the Use of a Dynamic Physical Bar Chart for Data Exploration and Presentation

(Taher et al., 2017)

Exploring Interactions with Physically Dynamic Bar Charts

(Taher et al., 2015)

Constructing Visual Representations: Investigating the Use of Tangible Tokens

(Huron et al., 2014)

An Empirical Evaluation of Physical Visualizations

(Jansen et al., 2013)

Beyond Desktop Interaction

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Selecting Between Touch and Mid-air Gestures For Large-Display Interaction

(Jakobsen et al., 2015)

Tangible Remote Controllers for Wall-size Displays

(Jansen et al., 2012)

SLAP widgets

(Weiss et al., 2009)

Future Care Lab


Supporting The Design and Fabrication of Physical Visualizations

(Swaminathan et al., 2013)

MudPad - A haptic overlay for touch screens

(Jansen et al., 2010)

REXband: A Multi-User Interactive Exhibit for Exploring Medieval Music

(Lee et al., 2007)